Studio Policies



Students may enroll in one 30-minute lesson per week, one 45-minute lesson per week, one 60-minute lesson per week or two 30-minute lessons per week. The length of the lesson will depend on the student’s age and level.

Required and Recommended Materials    

In order to begin lessons, students will need the following:


1.The Suzuki Piano New International Edition Piano Book and CD    


2. A piano in good condition 


3. A spiral-bound notebook


In addition, the following materials are highly recommended:


1. An adjustable bench, available at Made of Wood or Young Musicians, Inc.


2. An adjustable footstool, available at Made of Wood or Young Musicians, Inc.


3. Nurtured by Love, by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


Yearly tuition may be paid monthly or quarterly. The cost for lessons remains the same for each month and each quarter. Payment will be due in the first week of each month or the first week of each quarter, if a family is paying quarterly. 

For each absence, the student's family will receive one makeup lesson. Reductions on monthly or quarterly payment will not be applied for absences. 

Payments may be made through Zelle or by check.





The 2021-2022 studio calendar includes one built-in holiday week (winter break) and accommodates other holidays,  as described below.

1.) Each year, there is one week, the week before Christmas, which is considered to be a scheduled studio break. Lessons will not be rescheduled for the following week below:


Winter Break: Monday, Dec. 20th - Sunday, Dec. 26th 2021


2.) The following are additional holidays for which the studio will be closed. Makeup lessons will be offered if a student's lesson falls on one of the days listed below.


Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 25th - Friday, Nov. 26th 2021


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day: Monday, Dec. 31st 2021 - Tuesday, Jan. 1st 2022

Easter Day: Sunday, April 17th 2022

Summer Break: Saturday, May 15th to Saturday, May 22nd 2022

 3.) The studio will be open for the following holidays. Makeup lessons will be offered upon request, if a student's lesson falls on one of the days listed below. 


Easter Weekend: Friday, April 15th - Saturday, April 16th 2022

Independence Day: Monday, July 4th 2022. 


Make-up Lessons


Students are expected to attend all lessons. In case of illness, family emergency, or inclement weather, the lesson may be rescheduled at a mutually available time for the student's family and the teacher. If the student will be out of town and missing school, the lesson may be rescheduled at the teacher's discretion with 2 weeks notice. There are no refunds or credits for unattended lessons. 




Students’ progress is dependent on daily practice. Practicing regularly enhances musical memory and promotes technical development. In addition, students should listen to the Suzuki CD recordings daily. The recordings may be played while performing other daily activities. Students develop sensitivity to tone production and phrasing as they absorb sounds in their musical environment.



Observation and Parental Participation


 As part of the Suzuki Method, students observe each other's lessons. Through observation, students broaden their musical understanding and develop a sense of comradery.


Parents and siblings are highly encouraged to attend lessons. Parental support is crucial to students’ success. By taking notes and assisting with daily practice sessions, parents help children to reach their full potential.


Performance Opportunities


 Suzuki Piano of the Triangle hosts recitals in the studio. By performing in studio recitals, students take pride in their work while supporting each other's musical accomplishments. 


Suzuki Piano of the Triangle also organizes community performances for students. Students are highly encouraged to perform at local nursing homes, libraries, churches, and hospitals. By sharing their talents in the community, students experience the joy of making a positive impact.




I welcome open and honest communication. Please contact me anytime you have questions or concerns.